Volunteer Demographics

One day in class I wondered if anyone had data about volunteer demographics. Who volunteers in animal rescue?

From my own observations, it seems predominantly female. Besides one male, most of the male volunteers I’ve met are spouses of volunteers, like my own husband.

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Kitten Season: First Litter

Those of us in cat rescue brace ourselves for kitten season every Spring. The weather becomes warmer, and stray cats begin mating, or people who didn’t bother to spay their cats bring in their unwanted and now pregnant mamas (it sounds awful doesn’t it?) People in charge of feral colonies also begin keeping an eye out for new litters.

I don’t actually work with Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, but a fellow volunteer does. She got a call for neonatal kittens, four days old. There were five kittens left in a feral colony, and when mama cat never returned, AWLA was called and thus my friend was too.

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