Estimated DOB: August 2007

Personality: Rook is our village idiot. Before you get upset that I just insulted my cat, know that I love him very much. He is a handsome boy, but embodies derp. I’ve witnessed him hit his head on a glass table while standing under it and trying to get a toy above it. He used to be able to jump great heights when playing with a ribbon toy, but a couple years ago the dresser drawer ate his leg, and his confidence never fully restored. Likes: chicken nuggets. Dislikes: bananas (once we put a banana peel on his head to see his reaction, and he did not like that one bit)

Background: We adopted Rook from one of the Love-A-Pet centers at PetSmart. We thought he looked so handsome, even though he was shaved in odd spots and covered in mats. When we asked to meet him, he rubbed all over us and meowed for attention. We brought him home the same day. He’s never been shy, and from the very beginning wanted to play and explore the house. Patches and Scrabble, who at the time weren’t the best of friends, banded together against their common enemy: the new cat, Rook.