Bruiser, Eros, Kalliope

Three kittens were at a recent adoption event. Since they weren’t adopted, and two needed some socialization, we took them home for a couple weeks.

Kalliope: Approx  13 weeks old, Female grey tabby. She was found as a kitten in a construction site and brought to Hayfield Animal Hospital where she’s been up until now. She is very shy. When you first approach her, she hissed. It was all talk of course. Once you begin petting her, she’s a purr motor.

Eros: Approx 11 weeks old, Male tux. I don’t know where he was found, but he was brought to Hayfield as a stray also. Initially shy as well, there isn’t a shy bone in his body anymore. He is highly food motivated; we learned how to get him out of his shell when we brought him food and his yowled. He is also a jealous kitty; when giving Kalliope love, he’ll saunter up next to you as a reminder that “hey, you can pet me too.” Hates being held.

Bruiser: 13 weeks old, Male medium hair. Bruiser came from a hoarding situation. Not sure if he’d been confined, because when we let him roam the house, he nonstop bolted around the house for nearly 10 hours straight. He’s been social from the start; at the adoption event he would follow dogs across the cage, watching curiously as they passed. He has adorably hairy ears that are currently too big for his head.

We brought them home because a) Kalliope and Eros needed socialization and b) right now, there isn’t space in the front reception area of Hayfield where adoptable cats are displayed. Since they were in the back rooms where no one would see them, we figured we might as well give them a chance to run around with toys galore until there is space up front.

All three cats started off in our bathroom. This is where we first began working with them. Bruiser was the first to be allowed to dash around the house, followed by Eros. Kalliope was finally allowed free range of the house once I could get her comfortable enough to approach me on her own for pets.


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