Clue the Working Boy

So far, Clue has attended work with me twice.


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Survey for Animal Welfare Organizations

I wasn’t really required to do this for class, but it definitely helped formulate the research behind my project. I gathered names from 501c3 Animal Groups nationwidonationde, and sent approximately 350 of them a survey. The names of these groups are publicly available via the IRS’s website. You’d be surprised how many non-profit rescues weren’t aware that their names were publicly available through the IRS (I received quite a few “how did you get our info?!?!”)

These were some of my findings.


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Cause Consumerism


I’ve been doing research for Product Development, and on trends for charity donations and consumer buying behavior. Many of us animal lovers directly donate time and money towards the cause, but indirectly, many of us also want to know what companies are doing on their part. If I have a choice between brands when purchasing a product, knowing that profits may go towards an agreeable cause will certainly influence my purchase decision.

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