Mah Jong


Estimated DOB: December 2011

Personality: Mah Jong aka “Bitey,” is known as a semi-feral cat. She doesn’t like to be picked up. She has a harder time with guests in the house, but is slowly becoming apathetic to the idea of strangers coming in to her domain. When she wants you to pet her, she’ll approach you, turn around, and present her butt to you. You may now scratch her backside. Likes: Rook, her boyfriend. Dislikes: having her nails trimmed.

Background: I trapped Bitey using a humane trap in my dad’s backyard. The intention was to do TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) and put her back in his backyard. However, she bit myself and a vet tech at the spay clinic, and because of her background, I was told by Animal Control I either needed to place in her rabies quarantine, or have her euthanized. So, she lived in my bathroom for 10 days until her quarantine was over.

When her quarantine was over, I had to wait for another spay appointment. By the time she was spayed, winter had begun in full force, and I learned that you shouldn’t release a feral cat that hadn’t been able to grow a winter coat due to being indoors. During this time, she slowly learned to be okay with us. She didn’t mind our fosters, and she fell in love with Rook (as much as anyone besides his mother *cough* me could love him). We didn’t quite foster fail so much as we … TNR failed?

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