Estimated DOB: June 1999

Personality: Patches is my bundle of joy. She’s been with me since six months of age, and her mama’s girl status is no joke. I’m pretty certain she thinks she’s human, as she loves to be in the center of everything, and will talk when you say “right Patches?” She gets severely jealous when the others are getting attention when she isn’t. Loves: being brushed. Hates: ‘Du Hast’ from Rammstein (all I know is she got really upset when it was playing on  TV commercial).

Her Background: I got Patches when I was in middle school. She was shy and hid in her litter box for over a week. Since I was a kid with nothing better to do, I sat on the bathroom floor and gave her company while she hid. Eventually, she would wander the bottom floor of our house, but always retreat to the litter box again. She only wanted to eat if I sat there with her to watch her, otherwise you could return to the bathroom hours later to find that she hadn’t touched it.

Eventually, she passed from kidney failure after 17 years of a great life.

Aging in Cats – A Goodbye