Black Cat Love


At the Humane Society I worked with, we wouldnt’ adopt black cats on Halloween. You could fill out the paperwork, but not be allowed to bring kitty home until after the holiday is over.

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Update: Sarah

My wonderful tortie foster Sarah was adopted over the summer. I got an update from her mom along with awesome photos.

Hi Dani,

It’s been forever and I keep meaning to write you and give you an update on Sarah.  She’s sooooooooooo sweet and I love her to pieces. She and GIgi are still getting used to each other but for the most part get along.  Here’s some photos of my little monster getting ready for the Olympics. Thanks so much for fostering her so she could be a part of my life!

Enrichment Toys

Gizmodo had an article about the benefits of toys that force an indoor cat to earn their food. They’re part of what are frequently called “enrichment toys,” toys that involve  more critical thinking than “I want to murder this toy shaped like a mouse.”

It made me think that I should probably talk about my personal favorite cat enrichment toy.

enrichment box.PNG

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