Presentation Prep

Part of my class assignment is to do a video presentation. My professor requested that we do a rough draft video, so I did one in my living room, with my various cats trolling in the background.

Our presentations needed to explain our problem, why it was important, what research we did to understand our problem better, and probably some afterthought based on said research.

For instance, some reasons I thought focusing on photos on Facebook were important:

One thing I thought made a difference wasn’t just what kind of photo is posted, but what message accompanies this photo. I was reminded of pets that are hard to adopt because of medical issues or socialization.

Like Tinker and Bell, who are very sweet cats, but because they’re still scared of people, will probably take months of work in foster care before they’re ready.

I’ll probably expand on this when I do my visual precis assignment, but I used the example of a former foster, Huxley, to demonstrate how one photo could be shared differently based on the accompanying text:



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