Update: Cheese Litter

The kittens are 8 weeks old, and over 2 pounds.

The kittens are now fully roaming the house without any need to be put away. When it’s time to feed my own cats, Brie runs to her spot and yells for her own food (Havarti is usually too busy playing, and won’t start eating until you place him in front of his bowl).

They love to chase feet. You have to be careful in my house, or else you’ll accidentally kick a kitten. They crawl all over the bed at night. Once, Havarti curled up on my husband’s neck and fell asleep. Behind him, Sarah passed out against his chest. Few things are as attractive as your husband asleep with cats on top of him.

They’re heavy enough that they’ll probably be spayed/neutered soon. I’ve never worked with this organization before, so I don’t know how much longer I have with these guys. It’s a little bittersweet; we spent so much intimate time with these babies, but I have no doubts that they’ll be adopted quickly due to their age and wonderful demeanor.


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