Update: Cheese Litter

Brie and Havarti are all grown up and adopted.

The cheese kittens were spayed/neutered around 10-11 weeks old. Havarti, as expected, bounced back easily. Brie seemed to be in pain for the first few days, the poor baby. Spays are more invasive than neuters, so while Havarti looks like nothing happened (they no longer shave the area), Brie gets a shaved belly, stiches, and a shaved arm where they put an IV in.

For most kittens, you’ll only need a few days of pain medication to recover. Sometimes an e-collar (collar of shame) will be necessary if the cat licks or bites at the surgery site.

This pair were some of the smartest, social cats we’ve ever taken care of. Some kittens get used to only seeing their foster parents, and will thus be shy around strangers. My parents came to visit, and the kittens did great with strangers in the home.

When it was finally time for them to be adopted, the shelter told our team that we raise great kittens. People interacted with them a lot compared to the other kittens available for adoption. In fact, Havarti was adopted within hours or being available. It would’ve been ideal for them to be adopted together, and some shelters do require it, but I understand that it happens. He went to a family with two other cats, and he was going to be the family’s daughter’s personal cat. He’s got such a great personality that I know he’ll make any child happy. Brie was adopted the next day by a couple with another cat. I’m glad she didn’t have to be without her brother for too long; when my colleague visited her, she thought perhaps she was depressed to be alone without her brother.


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