The Halifax Group

As I mentioned in my earlier post about Cassie, a friend of mine was contacted by someone in Halifax looking for help with some adoptable kittens.

Stuff happened in between, and now I have five more kittens in addition to Cassie.


Besides Cassie’s mom, this person in Halifax County had 13 kittens from various litters. The local 4H club came often to socialize with the kittens, and as a result, all of them are absolutely sweet and wonderful. In addition, Halifax County Shelter had three beautiful long haired kittens that were scheduled to be euthanized. My friend pulled them as well.


Car loaded with 16 cats, my friend first stopped at Madison-Greene Humane Society. They took the 3 oldest kittens, as well as the above pictured fuzzies. I have a thing for Maine Coon like cats, so admittedly I was a little sad I didn’t get to take them home…

My husband and I assisted my friend, assembly line style, with deworming, checking for fleas, bathing, tagging, and feeding the remaining 10 cats. Two of the kittens had eye discharge, so they were isolated in a cage in a different room. The remaining 8 were divided into three cages. The total ended up being 8 girls and 2 boys, ages 9-11 weeks.

The next day, the kittens were taken to Hayfield. The 5 that were heavy enough to be spayed/neutered were taken care of, and all of the kittens were combo tested. The 2 kittens with eye discharge remained in my friend’s care (she is also still caring for Stuart), the 3 unspayed kittens went to King Street Cats, and the 5 spayed/neutered kittens came home with me.

The house has been chaotic but fun. Cassie wasn’t sure about the kittens at first, and clung to my husband and I for the first two days. She is beginning to get used to them, though she hasn’t welcomed their invitations to play just yet.

All of the kittens are outgoing, playful, cuddly, and overall amazing kittens that anyone would be delighted and lucky to adopt. With 4 girls and a boy, my husband and I decided to name them after M cocktails:

Male Brown Tabby w/ White: Manhattan
Female Brown Tabby: Mojito
Female Torti: Mai Tai
Female Calico w/ Black Spotted Nose: Mimosa
Female Calico w/ Pink Nose: Martini

Our next adoption event is Saturday, August 20 at the Potomac Yards PetSmart in Alexandria, VA. The plan is to have these five kittens, Bruiser, Kalliope, and Eros, and any adult cats that are available for adoption from Hayfield Animal Hospital be present at the adoption event.


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