Update: Stuart

We never did reunite Stuart with his mom and siblings, so he’s been back and forth between a couple of us volunteers.

At four weeks, he’s around 450 grams. For awhile, he was underweight for his age due to bad diarrhea that we had to get under control. He’s doing great now, eating 18-22ml of formula mixed with kitten wet food every four hours. He should be eating solid wet food in a week or so.

He has control over bowel movements now, but isn’t yet potty trained. He’s in an enclosure when no one is home or immediately after he eats, but once he’s pooped/peed, he’s free to roam the house with the other cats. He loves exploring and playing with balls, and isn’t afraid to bop an older cat on the head if need be.

Now that he’s older, we’ve realized that he’s going to be a handsome medium/long hair cat. We thought at first that he had missing patches of fur (maybe due to malnutrition caused by aforementioned diarrhea), but we learned that his undercoat is actually white. He’s going to be such a handsome boy.



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