Cassie goes places

Cassie is now about 8 weeks old, a diva cat who is very attached to humans. She is also making friends.


Sometimes if I assess that a cat will handle it, I bring them to school or to a board game store in D.C.

For cats with the right disposition, it helps them get used to travel, being handled by several people, hearing foreign noise. After all, those are all involved in adoption events.

Last week I decided then to bring cassie and another cat, baby girl, to campus for a group meeting where I’m cofounder. I can tell you, grad students love kittens as a means of a study break.


During the meeting, they got to wander the studio. We learned that cassie is not a fan of loud noises, like dropdown projector screens. She ran behind a grad project in the corner, but began to purr when I walked over and asked her to come out.

Today, cassie and baby girl were spayed. She is just barely heavy enough, so her anesthesia took a tad longer to wear off.



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