Stewart and company


They were able to trap Stewart’s mom and sisters a few weeks later.

Once they were old enough to leave mom, Stewart’s sisters came to our home. Siri, Shelley, and Stella were a little shy and needed some socialization work. Stella hissed and spat when you reached out for her.

They spent some time in our bathroom, where we’d sit and play with them. They are incredibly playful. It took almost no time before they were cuddling with us.

Stella: short hair, ended up being the biggest cuddlebug of them all. She will curl onto your lap,neck,wherever. Far too easy to spoil like a baby.

Shelley: dark medium hair and loud mouth of the troupe.what is she yelling about you ask? She wants love. She stops screaming as soon as she’s in your arms.

Siri: light medium hair, beautiful, and energetic. She is so full of energy that you don’t always know what shE’ll do next.

They enjoyed company when we had guests, and it helped their socialization.They were spayed and ready for adoption. They’ll make some adopters very happy.



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