You CAN get a purebred through Rescue

Meet Frosty Dragon, a 9 year old male purebred Maine Coon. Look at that handsome face.


One reason some people give for not adopting is that they want a purebred cat, and assume that all shelter kitties are mutts. While it is true that many are mixed, if you’re patient enough, you can get your purebreed. According to the Humane Society, 25% of dogs that enter the shelter are purebred.

In my own personal experience, I’ve seen 12 year old Birmans enter the Humane Society with paperwork and all when their owner passed away. We also had purebred Siamese enter the rescue, when a woman’s boyfriend decided to carelessly breed their Siamese, then broke up with her and left her with a pregnant Siamese cat. We took the cat into our rescue until the babies were born and weaned, spayed and returned mom, and had a high demand for her four kittens once they were ready to be adopted.

A Maine Coon breeder claims they were moving and needed to rehome many of their older Maine Coon cats. The Maine Coon rescue that I work with agreed to take 9 of them, ages 3-11. From what I’ve heard, the animals were all socially awkward, and many of them have unaddressed medical conditions. For instance, Mulan is a 10 year old diagnosed with lymph node cancer while in our care. Sterling is a 3 year old blind in one eye.

Frosty Dragon has a head tilt, and entropion, a condition in which the eyelid rolls inward, causing the animal pain and discomfort. Right now, he is on Zenniquin to rule out the possibility of an inner ear infection that may cause his head tilt. For the entropion, we are preparing for him to have corrective surgery, at which time the vet will further examine his ear.

His head tilt doesn’t hurt him, but he does hug the wall when he walks down the hallway to make sure he walks straight.

Like previously mentioned, the cats came into rescue very shy. It’s likely that they hadn’t been given the proper attention they deserved. Frosty is a pound or so underweight. When he arrived, he was certainly shy. After some days of quietly doing my homework with him, he began to lay at my feet and allow me to rub his chin. At first I couldn’t tell he was purring; he sounded like he was just breathing very deeply. I felt under his chin, and felt that his purrs are deep.

Now that he’s been in my home for a couple weeks, he has blossomed into a wonderfully gentle giant. He loves to follow my husband and i around the house, and talks to us when he’s hungry. He gets along great with the other cats, and I’ve spotted him and Clue chasing each other around. He makes all our guests fall in love with him, but walking up to them and greeting them with his adorable head tilt. He made the vet tech fall in love with him during his last visit.

Frosty and the other MC Purebreds will be available for adoption soon, once their various medical needs have been addressed. To help fundraise for their medical care, visit:


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