Product Review: Pusheen Box


For my birthday/Christmas, my husband purchased a yearly subscription to Pusheen Box.

Pusheen box is a subscription delivery service. They send you a box full of exclusive and themed Pusheen goodies. I’ve always loved the Pusheen character, and had shirts and books of the character prior to the subscription service. Not to mention, it puts excitement into getting mail. Not only do you get something that isn’t a bill, but unlike your other online shopping packages, this one is full of surprises.

Different from other boxes like Loot Crate, Pusheen Box sends you a box quarterly instead of monthly. I personally like this, because Loot Crate (my husband has a subscription) sends you little knick knacks every month. Pusheen Box, on the other hand, will send more substantial items that are more robust.The hubby got a pair of socks every month or so, I got a three pack of cooking themed Pusheen socks!

One might argue that getting subscription boxes, while they have some awesome gems (I love my Pusheen sweater), will also leave you with junk you don’t care about, that will just litter your house. This could be the case, but for items that I knew I’d never use, I’d find friends, or family to give them to. Inflatable Pusheen beach ball? I love near DC, I don’t like the beach. It stayed with my mom in her pool in Florida. I need subscription sunglasses, so my brother’s girlfriend got the Pusheen sunglasses. Many rescues raise needed funds by selling donated items; they got my Pusheen teacup and saucer set.

One might also argue that your house will be full of only Pusheen things. Um. I’m a crazy cat lady. My goal is to have cat-everything.

Unfortunately two of the items I liked most, are not in great condition.


I am an avid tea drinker. I have a tea cabinet, which is probably more than most people can say they have. I’m also a student, so tea and studying go hand in hand, and as such, I used my Pusheen travel cup a lot. Unfortunately, the applique on the cup is smudging due to a combination of fingerprints and heat. I try to take care not to put my thumb on the design when I’m holding the cup, but you can see there are discolored spots on Pusheen where my thumb might have rested.

I don’t always make cookies, but when I do, I break out an assortment of cookie cutters: ninjas, cats, pac man. I was super excited to start making cookies with my Pusheen cookie cutter. Unfortunately again, it broke the first time I tried to use it. The part you use to press the mold into the dough snapped. My husband managed to ghetto-rig it (you see there’s a nail through that plastic bit to act as the mold press), but it would’ve been nice to use it as it was intended.

In summary, I’d give the Pusheen Box a 4.5 out of 5… paws. or whiskers. or stars. Whatever rating system you’d like to give it. As a crazy cat lady, I love getting decent surprise goodies that are about cats. I like the frequency, and most of the items that arrive.


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