Smartphone Ethnography: Crumbs & Whiskers

Crumbs & Whiskers is the new cat cafe in Georgetown. Cat cafes are very common in Japan; I had the chance to visit Nekobukuro, but the cats are jaded and don’t want anything to do with you.

C&W is unique from Japanese cat cafes in that the cats living there are available for adoption. They partner with local rescue to bring cats to the cafe that will flourish in that type of social environment. There are 20 cats living in a 3 story building (you can’t see, but there are a dozen litter boxes in the basement). You pay a reservation fee for a set amount of time allowed to be there. Drinks and snacks cost additional.

I really like how they do their social media. They have high quality photos and catchy captions to accompany their Facebook posts. I particularly like that the cats are older, not kittens. Everyone wants a kitten, and kittens will be more adaptable to environments. C&W gives older cats who may not show well at say, adoption events, a chance for potential adopters to see them in an environment better suited to them.

Ultimately, C&W is a business and not a rescue, so I don’t think they have as many (or will have a different set of) issues that your typical rescue will have. For instance, if a cat isn’t showing well or adjusting to living in the cafe, they can just return the cat to the rescue. Nonetheless, this is an excellent opportunity for a business to partner with local rescues to help house and adopt cats.

Truthfully, the place reminds me of my own home and how many cats roam around my own cat-themed furnishings. Maybe I should charge admission to my place.


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