Squirrel Goes Home


Over a year after bringing Squirrel home, she finally gets a home of her own.

It’s been difficult to adopt her out because she isn’t a cuddly kitty, but the right adopter knows that when you have a challenging cat, the rewards are that much bigger once you’ve earned their trust. Squirrel’s adopter has experience with Maine Coons, and I think understood those rewards.

When Squirrel’s potential adopter came to visit, something happened that made me a little nervous: the adopter also loved Frosty. Frosty at the time was not listed for adoption, but he naturally came up to the person and was incredibly friendly.

In the end, the adopter stayed with his decision to bring Squirrel home. But things can’t go smoothly, can they?

The rescue’s policy is to conduct a final vet check to make sure the animal is ready to go to their new home. A week before she was to go home, she wasn’t eating well, and seemed less moody. A less moody Squirrel worried us more than a moody Squirrel, so we mentioned it when taking her to her vet check. The vet saw nothing wrong, and her appetite did come back on its own. Who knows, maybe she knew she was leaving and was bummed about it.

Yesterday hours before pickup time, I realize that the vet never updated her rabies vaccination. I called the vet to see if I could quickly get her to the vet, but because Squirrel hadn’t been feeling well during the visit, the vet didn’t feel comfortable vaccinating her. As a result, she went home without her rabies shot. I told the adopter that when he got it done, I’d personally reimburse him.

Other than that, all went well. I’m hopeful that Squirrel will be happy as an only cat in DC.


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