Update: Frosty Dragon


Frosty Dragon had his entropion surgery two weeks ago, and his stitches dissolved and his recovery was smooth.

I was really surprised by how simple post care instructions were. I’ve had a foster that required a conjunctival graft, and that required various eyedrops around the clock. For Frosty, he had some pain meds for a couple days, but besides a cone, that was it.

When Frosty returned from the vet, his cone and strange vet smells made some of the cats in the houseĀ mad. Bitey has never liked him, but Clue puffed up and growled for a few days after Frosty came home. Poor Frosty.


This poor boy is such a messy eater, that we had to take off his cone to let him eat, then put it back on once he was finished. He drools the way big dogs do, so there had to be periodic cleaning of his cone to get gunk off of it. With his head tilt, he spent the first week constantly bumping his cone into furniture.

While he was under anesthesia, they performed xrays of his skull to see if they could investigate further about his head tilt. We have an appointment for him early in 2017 as a post surgery follow up, where hopefully they’ll have more news.

Until then, he’s received a couple inquiries for adoption. We’ll hopefully spend part of the Winter Break doing a home visit for one approved adopter.



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