Clue the Working Boy

So far, Clue has attended work with me twice.


The first time Clue visited me at work, he arrived for lunch time with Manny and my husband as well. Manny wasn’t a fan of being at the office, but Clue seemed amused enough by the people playing ping pong in the kitchen rec area.

Eventually Manny had enough, and my husband left with him back home. For another couple hours at work Clue hung out with me. He sat at my desk sleeping while visitors came by to fawn over him.

I find that leash training has to begin early, or they won’t get used to the harness at all. I also find that it’s a bonding experience; without a carrier, the cat relies on your embrace to keep him safe. Clue loves being held by his mommy, and will crawl into my lap in the car (this isn’t so easy when I’m the one driving; luckily it’s usually Dwight that’s driving). At home, he’ll sleep right on my chest or somewhere where he can nuzzle under my neck. He also likes to lick my face, but that can be awkward if I’m wearing makeup.

My parents laughed at my leash training, saying it isn’t really leash training if I carry him around everywhere. I guess that’s partially true, but I interpret leash training as not freaking out because he’s not in a confined carrier.

This week while the office was pretty empty for the holidays, I decided to bring Clue in for a half day. As usual, he was doted upon by all the ladies in the office.

(all of the photos are courtesy of my coworkers snapping them)

Whenever I bring cats somewhere for a long time, I’ll bring a fold out pen with a small litterbox. In the case of shorter times, like work or the store, I trust Clue with controlling his bodily functions. I haven’t had any potty issues at all so far.

I wouldn’t bring Clue for an entire day of work, because it’d probably be frowned upon to have a litterbox under my desk. Otherwise though, I find that Clue is so much fun to bring on outside adventures.


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