Product Development – Final Presentation

I got an A on my Product Plan for Product Development class! Woop!

  • My product turned into an online service, similar to an amalgamation of Angie’s List and, called SpotWorks (get it? odd jobs / Spot is a dog name?)spotworks
  • The product was a subscription service that allowed animal rescue groups to find less conventional, but still needed labor based on my personal experience and the survey that I sent out to groups asking what labor they really needed.
  • Different competition analysis had to be done, including a SWOT analysis and PEST analysis. Big elements of the PEST analysis included research on consumer buying decisions, the power of online reviews, and corporate donation behavior and its affects on buyer decisions and branding.
  • The most important element of the product was who would pay for the services, since animal groups run mostly on personal donations and have to be budget conscious. This required a ton of research on corporate donations and the various groups that donate money/grants/education for animal welfare reasons.

It ended up being a really good class, and it would be wonderful if some product similar to this could actually come to fruition.

Here are my final slides, not including the final slide, which was boring information regarding pricing.



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