New Years with Clue and Manny

The boys had a nice holiday break (break from what, your guess is as good as mine).

Clue weighs in at 4.09lbs, and Manny 4.2lbs. That means little brother now outweighs big brother, at a two month age difference! This trend is likely to continue, as Manny is going to be a huge boy. Now the playing field is in his advantage during play time.

Cats can definitely tell when you’re on break from work/school, and they’re typically overjoyed that you’re home. For instance, my husband tells me that Scrabble usually goes off and does her own thing during the day, but as soon as I come home, she emerges from wherever she’s spent all day. The boys have found time to lounge in the sun and show off for mommy, who goes picture happy.

I enjoy crocheting. Every winter, I go to the craft store and stare happily at all the pretty colored yarns. I tend to make scarves because they’re simple, quick, and I can move from one project to another quickly before I get bored. I started my first shawl of the year on New Year’s Eve, and if you think cats and yarn is a made up stereotype, you’d be wrong. Cats really DO love playing with yarn, and it adds an extra challenge to crocheting at home. In Manny’s case, play hard, fall asleep on crochet project hard.

Having Manny asleep on me while I attempted to work on this shawl was cat lady heaven.


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