Update: Frosty Dragon

Frosty Dragon had his post-surgery follow up on the second day of the New Year.

Frosty Basket.jpg

Poor Frosty hates car rides. He meows the entire trip there and back. Once he’s at the vet though, he’s a charmer. All of the staff at the vet love how amiable and handsome he is. In the exam room, he begs for attention, plops down wherever someone is willing to pet his head, and stretches out on the table in such a way that his massive size really shows.



As you can see from the photos, he had no issues getting on the scale to be weighed. He weighed in at a little over 13lbs, which indicates that he’s gaining weight steadily just as we want. He looks so wonderful as he fills out, and he can still afford to gain another couple pounds.

His checkup was primarily to see how Frosty’s eyelid was healing. His eye healed wonderfully, and the stitches had dissolved to the vet’s satisfaction.

As mentioned previously, during his entropion surgery, they took xrays of his skull to further investigate his head tilt. Dr. Embree showed us the xrays, and everything looked normal; they were checking the inner ears and under the palate for any abnormalities.

Although we’ve been trying to figure out if his head tilt can be fixed, we’ve reached the point where minor issues have been crossed out, and it’s most likely that his head tilt will in fact be permanent. The best guess is that he might have had a middle ear infection prior to coming into the rescue that had gone unaddressed, and although the infection is gone, the head tilt is permanent. 

However, he’s adjusted to his tilted point of view, and it doesn’t cause him pain, so it’s not the end of the world for him. Just an incredibly cute facet of Frosty.

Also in attendance was Clue, who at this point rides along to pretty much any one else’s vet appointments.



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