Adoption Follow Up: Squirrel


On her first night at her new home, she jumped onto the sofa with her new papa. Color me jealous! It took months for her to approach us at that level.

An update from her new adopter:

“Squirrel had her vet appointment yesterday morning.  the doctor was overall very pleased with the state of her health. Good weight, nice coat and such.  A bit of gingivitis, so I guess I will be learning how to brush a cat’s teeth.  LOL

Otherwise, Squirrel is doing very well.  I am extremely happy to say she is way more social and interactive than I expected at this point.  she jumps on the couch and bed with me and loves to be scratched on her head and ears.  her belly is still off limits although. 🙂  and she 100% against the brushes I’ve bought so far.  But it is all a work in progress.
Thanks so much for all you did to facilitate this.  I truly appreciate it.”

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