Product Review: Breeze Box

We’d heard some mixed reviews on the Tidy Cats Breeze Box. Some said their cat just wasn’t into it, others said it was fine for a single cat household, but not as useful for multiple cats. We decided we’d give it a try. And now we have three.


  • No dust. No need to broom dust. This is awesome, because we originally had a normal litter box in the guest room, and I did feel guilty that if the door was closed, our guests might cough up some dust.
  • Unless someone has runny poop, you rarely need to buy more pellets. Although the cost of a bag of pellets may cost more than litter, the fact that you don’t have to replace it as often actually saves money.
  • There is very little smell. The Tidy Cat brand absorbent pads not only soak up a ton of urine, there is no smell.



  • Have you ever stepped on a ceramic pellet? Ouch.
  • Clue and Manny have no issues using the Breeze for #1 and #2, and neither does Frosty, but my adult cats won’t poop in the Breeze. This means we still have to keep regular litter boxes in the house.
  • Getting cats to use the box is great if they get used to it while young, but also beware of how small the pellets are. Clue likes to play with the pellets, and a couple times, my husband has had to remove them from his mouth. Heaven help us if he ever swallows one.


When you buy the box system, it comes with everything you need: pellets, pads, and a scooper. Although it’s $20-$40, you’d spend just as much if you’d separately purchased a box, scoop, and litter. Don’t buy third party absorbent pads. They either won’t absorb as much, or won’t cover the urine smell as much. The breeze system also comes with coupons for $1 off replacement pads and pellets,  so watch out for those.


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